Diagnostic Ultrasound

Diagnostic ultrasound, also called sonography or diagnostic medical sonography, is an imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of structures within your body. The images can provide valuable information for diagnosing and treating a variety of diseases and conditions. Utilising diagnostic ultrasound allows us to accurately assess, diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries and we often use it to rapidly assess your injury or to track your injury recovery. Although ultrasound imagining is used during many of our appointments it is an invaluable asset to have when providing ultrasound guided steroid injections, hyaluronic acid injections and high volume local anaesthetic.

There is a wide range of ultrasound scanners available and we felt it essential to have portability to be able to assess your patients in the clinic but also on the pitch or at the track so we have carefully selected the Butterfly Ultrasound Scanner.



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45 Channel Street, Galashiels, Scottish Borders, TD1 1BJ.

Located in the heart of Galashiels with on street parking, our ground floor clinic is wheel chair accessible and is a 2 minute walk from the transport interchange and car parks. Our fully equipped clinic also has a treadmill and video gait analysis lab with space for MSK rehabilitation, gait retraining and strength and conditioning.

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