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Whether we runners like to admit it, the majority of us have individual weaknesses of some degree. These weaknesses may be occupation related (a lot of time spent sitting) or due to a lack of conditioning. These deficiencies may surface in the form of enforced rest due to injury, or disruption of regular training sessions due to fatigue or persistent ‘niggles’.

All runners are different; we have different motivations, different injury history, different biomechanics and different levels of physical strength.

As important as biological factors are, running technique can be the key to keeping injury free. Improved running technique can often reduce the reliance on strength and biomechanical injury factors. Sometimes correct running form and a smart graduated program of distance and intensity still doesn’t quite get the job done when trying to stay injury free. This is when foot biomechanics and hip /leg strength should be considered. An efficient biomechanical foot is essentially one that that ‘pronates’ (rolls inward) within a healthy range and is therefore capable of absorbing repetitive forces opposed from the ground.

A biomechanical running assessment carried out by our Sports Podiatrist Dan Broadhead is designed to identify abnormal foot biomechanics and can identify risk factors for injury through history taking, joint range of motion testing, footwear assessment and a running examination via treadmill video gait analysis.


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45 Channel Street, Galashiels, Scottish Borders, TD1 1BJ.

Located in the heart of Galashiels with on street parking, our ground floor clinic is wheel chair accessible and is a 2 minute walk from the transport interchange and car parks. Our fully equipped clinic also has a treadmill and video gait analysis lab with space for MSK rehabilitation, gait retraining and strength and conditioning.

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