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Orthoses (often referred to as insoles or orthotics) are medical devices which are inserted into your shoes to have an effect on the kinematic and loads acting upon the foot and lower limb. Insoles might be required to help manage your heel pain, ankle pain or if you simply have sore feet due to the way you walk or for structural limitations in your foot and lower limb. Sometimes orthoses are worn as a temporary solution to injuries but can often be required for longer periods of time. Our Musculoskeletal sports Podiatrist, Dan Broadhead, will be able to prescribe you with a simple insole, off the shelf insole or a more specific custom insole to help improve your foot function, reduce your pain and keep you active. We even have a specific orthotic for plantarfasciitis!


We rarely use insoles or orthotics as stand alone treatments as we have found that exercises and strength training give our patients better clinical outcomes and often reduce your risk of re-injury. Orthoses prices range from £35 to £240 dependant on a number of factors such as the materials they are made from, if they are custom made for you and in what footwear they are going to be worn.


Carbon Insoles

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