Revolutionising Patient Assessments with DynaMo: A Game-Changer in Clinical Diagnostics at Borders Podiatry and Performance Clinic

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At Borders Podiatry and Performance Clinic, the introduction of the DynaMo by Vald Performance has marked a pivotal advancement in the way we approach clinical diagnostics. This all-encompassing device merges the functionalities of handheld dynamometers and inclinometers, making it an unparalleled tool in our patient assessment arsenal. Designed to serve the needs of modern practitioners, the DynaMo offers us an intuitive and adaptable method for conducting a broad spectrum of tests with ease and precision.

The true brilliance of DynaMo lies in its capacity to simplify the intricate process of evaluating patients’ strength and range of motion (ROM). Thanks to its modular and ergonomic design, our clinicians can gather data intuitively and generate reports with a simple click. This not only boosts the accuracy of our assessments but also refines our clinical workflow, allowing us to dedicate more time to patient care rather than administrative duties.

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With DynaMo, our clinic benefits from the device’s modularity, which combines four essential functions into one. It’s equipped to measure push, pull, grip strength, and ROM, providing almost limitless testing capabilities. We utilise DynaMo in various settings, whether handheld, mounted to a wall or bed, or attached directly to a patient’s limb, ensuring flexibility and reliability in our assessments.

Patient engagement has reached new heights with the introduction of DynaMo at Borders Podiatry and Performance Clinic. The device’s application enlivens assessments with real-time visualisations of strength and movement, transforming the evaluation process into an interactive and comprehensible experience for our patients. This not only clarifies their progress but also strengthens their connection to the rehabilitation journey.

To streamline our clinical operations, we leverage DynaMo’s test batteries, allowing our practitioners to customise and sequence tests for any combination of body parts, strength, or ROM. This facilitates a seamless flow through assessments, enhancing the efficiency of patient care.

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Furthermore, DynaMo has enabled us to foster greater engagement with our patients. By moving beyond isolated data systems, we can now share results instantly through the DynaMo app, provide detailed progress reports via VALD Hub, or print them at the click of a button. This transparency in data sharing is instrumental in motivating our patients and meticulously tracking their rehabilitation progress.

Incorporating DynaMo at Borders Podiatry and Performance Clinic has not only enriched our diagnostic capabilities but also transformed the way we engage with and care for our patients. It represents a significant leap forward in clinical diagnostics, marrying precision with user-friendliness to significantly enhance both patient assessments and clinical efficiency.

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